HR East West offers a variety of top quality services and solutions in the field of human resource management. Some of these are:


DIRECT CONTACT On our client’s behalf we will directly approach those people who are already occupying a comparable position in other organisations, and discover whether or not they are interested in applying for the vacancy with our client organisation.

Of course the identity of our client will always be kept strictly confidential. Normally, the process for our ‚Direct Contact‘ service will be as follows: We will use our substantial marketing knowledge and experience to develop a list of target organisations where potential sources of suitable candidates may be found.

Step 1: We will use our substantial marketing knowledge and experience to develop a list of target organisations where potential sources of suitable candidates may be found.

Step 2: We will ask our client to confirm the suitability of the target organisations

Step 3: Direct contact of a potential candidate

Step 4: Development and deepening of his or her interest in the position

Step 5:Systematic gathering of information about the applicant

Step 6:Structured interview

Step 7:Evaluation of interviews and discussions with referees The keys to our success are:

  • Diplomacy
  • Confidentiality
  • Technical expertise
  • Perseverance

This method of satisfying your human resource requirement is recommended when consultation indicates that it is necessary to find a specialist in a very particular sector – or when there is a shortage of specialists in the industry or sector.> Our consultants are always:

  • highly professional
  • diplomatic
  • quickly able to grasp both the obvious and the more subtle situation

Although this process is time consuming and consequently more expensive, in some cases it is useful as a means of enlarging the field of search and acting as concealment for other actions.


ADVERTISEMENT BASED RECRUITMENT Regardless of whether the ideal candidate is a technical manager, commercial manager, financial manager or specialist in our client’s required field, our consultants will always apply the appropriate interview techniques in order to thoroughly analyse and evaluate the candidate’s qualifications.

With both our ‚Full Service‘ and ‚Full Service Plus‘ we will provide our client with advertisements which exploit the considerable differences in the perception and personality structure between business professionals and technicians.

Our advertisements are: Developed in close consultation with our client Based upon a detailed analysis of the industrial environment and the job description itself Placed in the most suitable medium Our modern psychological techniques enable to attract an above-average number of responses – both written and by telephone.

Full Service: With our „Full Service“, our consultants will use the appropriate interview techniques in order to thoroughly analyse and evaluate the candidate’s qualifications. As a rule, between two and four candidates will be short-listed for presentation to our client. We will then produce a comprehensive analysis of the skills and human qualities of each of these candidates. Our client will receive this assessment before he or she interviews the candidate.

Full Service Plus: On request, we will extend our „Full Service“ to include psychological tests. These tests are in the form of various personality tests and in-depth, structured interviews and are designed to reveal the aptitude of the client for a particular position.


TEST SERVICE / ASSESSMENT CENTER In situations where our client regards his or her own evaluation of candidates as the single most important factor of recruitment – but also lays great value on an independent, neutral assessment of the personality structure, HR East West provides quality consulting services in this area.

Our consultants have decades of experience in organising and evaluating the results of structured, job specific assessment programmes.

These include: in-depth structured interviews personality tests practical tests The ASSESSMENT CENTER is particularly useful for a special form of psychological diagnosis which is particularly suited to the assessment of junior employees.

In every case we will use: individually designed programmes detailed system of measurement systematic observation procedures other agreed instruments Although the assessment center is relatively time consuming and expensive, it offers a higher return in the form of the registration of central personality factors in a reality based situation. For the organisation and realisation of a commissioned project, detailed consultation will be necessary in order to assess the requirements of the client.

We will be happy to provide further information on request.


LETTERBOX SERVICE Our letterbox service is designed for those clients wishing to oversee the selection process themselves, but who also wish to remain anonymous.

HR East West will take responsibility for: The production and text of the advertisement The selection of the most appropriate medium The preliminary screening of applicants by telephone In the event of international advertisements: organising and conducting telephone interviews and responding to inquiries – outside standard German office hours.

We will also take the responsibility for: Confirming receipt of candidates applications Rejecting unsuitable candidates.

Of course the anonymity of our client is guaranteed as are those applications with confidentiality restrictions in relation regard to our client. Applications without confidentiality restrictions will be passed to our client without delay.


HUMAN RESOURCES STRATEGY CONSULTING Our consultants have many years of experience of providing quality Human Resource solutions to organisations.

Some of the services we provide are: Evaluation and Audit of Training Programmes Planning of the Training Programme/Process Management of Training Programmes/Process Staff Achievement / Staff Evaluation Outplacement / Outsourcing Remuneration Policy Planning of working hours Personal leadership and development consultancy


IN-HOUSE ADVERTISING OFFICE HR East West has an in-house advertising office.

This enables us to offer an all-in-one, cost effective service to our clients

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